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Playing in the Dark

-a reflection while on tour with Feathers of Fire-

At one point in the show, I walk sideways off stage, to do a quick change.  I take off my mask, set it down, pull my arms inside the large robe I am wearing, and Winnie comes from behind me to take it off.  I never see Winnie coming, I just feel her hands at the back of the garment, ready to pull it off.  Yesterday, I was relishing the feeling, the knowing, that as soon as I take off my mask, Winnie’s hands will be there. It’s happened so often, that I usually don’t think about it.

There are many parts of this show, all of which happen in the dark behind a screen, where I have to walk backwards, or pick up and use a prop that someone else preset, or set something that someone else will use, or reach my hand offstage without looking, and someone puts a prop or puppet in my hand. All of us have to do this to make it work.

What a pleasure and a privilege that my job is to move forward blindly, trusting that someone will guide me when I need, and, likewise, that I get to guide my fellows, all in the effort to keep the ball in the air. 

 It’s not about the individual, it’s what the individual can do to make the story happen, since all of us are searching in the dark anyway.  What a treat to be with a group of people who know that and live that.

Thank you, Feathers, for playing with me in the dark with shadows, and being my guides. You are an incredible group of artists in so many ways.

Pre-Show Meditation Circle, Quiet in the Dark


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