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Overwhelm the Game

Painting found in Budapest, signed by FSIMON

Overwhelm.  I do this to myself as a hobby. The game du jour is “what I want to accomplish in my life.” There must be some sick pleasure a part of me gets from this. Eckhart Tolle would say that part is my ego. Whatever it is, she doesn’t speak up as often as she used to. Or I just have learned to ignore her. But she has acquired a laser pointer, and now she’s got me chasing that buzzy fuzzy little red dot in circles on the floor and up the walls for her pleasure. I can’t completely blame her; it /is/ entertaining to watch. The good news is, I’ve realized it. The bad news is, that buzzy fuzzy dot is just so itchy and I really really want to scratch it. ...I can get it this time, I’m sure. Though I am just as sure that it is just a spot of light so just as impossible to “get.” Therefore, there must be some pleasure out of the dizzy spinning - to vomiting from exhaustion That I get, as well as she. I must refrain from this perverse indulgence. So I sit as this woman, demonstrating superior, healthy indifference towards that which Tolle has defined as my ego. What laser pointer?  I don’t want your stupid little red dot. (Give it to me.) Painting found in Budapest, signed by FSIMON ... #Overwhelm #FiveMinuteFeelings #GetOutOfMyHead #IDontNeedYou#ButIWantYou #Distraction #HealthyHabits


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