"Ariel Lauryn is a delight to watch as she playfully navigates the role of Mercutio."

 -Nora Davis, Times Square Chronicles



"Ariel Lauryn brought a devilish physicality to her Mercutio."

        -Leslie Dileo, Hi Drama



"Hilarious...A Hit Play!"  

-NorthCoast Journal


"Ariel Lauryn and Lucy Shelby are masters at physical comedy...there is a party going on at The Tank that you don't want to miss...[Whether We Like It or Not] is a truly unique experience".

-Offbway, eljnyc [link]


"The play explores some rather complex ideas about sisterhood and relationships in the most comic and fun way possible...Whether We Like It Not is not a didactic tale with an ulterior motive. It is an exciting, dramatic story with plot twists and turns."

-NY Theater Guide [link]


"I am sitting in my office right now... listening to our audience tonight ROAR with laughter at Ariel Lauryn and Lucy Shelby's new show WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT... It's truly physical comedy at its best, I am not sure I've ever seen a better or funnier piece of theater like this."

-Rosalind Grush, The Tank Co-Artistic Director 


"I abandoned myself to laughter.  By the end, I was laughing shamelessly."

--Ronlin Foreman, Dell'Arte International Former School Director


A Harvest of Stones

created by Dell'Arte MFA '14 class


"She had an effortless sense of the whole play, as well as a palpable, animating love for both its physical aspect and its metaphysical, metaphorical one. ‘Illuminated’ is the word that comes to mind when I think of her presence and her demeanor ."

-Lauren Wilson, Head of Dell'Arte International School


Whether We Like It Or Not

Original Show Created and Performed by Ariel Lauryn and Lucy Shelby

Romeo and Juliet

directed by Melody Efrani, LES Shakespeare

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

Off-Broadway, Rockefeller Productions, 2016



"Ariel Lauryn...had a wonderful storytelling quality."

--Times Square Chronicals




"The cast members (Jake Bezel, Ariel Lauryn, Kayla Prestel and Weston Long) are disarmingly friendly with Mr. Rogers smiles (that is a compliment, not a complaint) and gentle voices (even when playing different characters)."

–NY Theater Guide 



"They have forged living, breathing creatures by manipulating the puppets in a realistic way and paying attention to each animal, insect, and human characterization: for example, the way the black bear raises its head to sniff the air or wiggle its bum, how Mister Seahorse twists and glides through the water, the way the pink rabbit hops, and how the caterpillar inches along."

 --Off Off Online