Photo By Christopher Duggan

 Whether We Like It or Not


An absurd, dark physical comedy farce

 about two unlikely life-long friends.


Created and Performed by Ariel Lauryn and Lucy Shelby








OFF BROADWAY at the The Acorn Theater!


"They have forged living, breathing creatures by manipulating the puppets in a realistic way ... for example, the way the black bear raises its head to sniff the air or wiggle its bum"--Off-Off  Online


Photo by Carol Rosegg
Photo by Carol Rosegg

This piece debuted at Dell'Arte International as a part of the 2014 Thesis Festival, and has performed at the New Orleans Fringe '14, the curated series Flint and Tinder (The Tank, SinkingShip Productions) , and the Mad River Festival (Dell'Arte), and CalArts (CSSSA).









A Blonde and a Brunette walk into a living room with pent-up smoldering secrets and grudges, sisterly love-hate, and a gun. And you’re there with them! Without having to do a thing, you become an integral part of the show. Blanche and Stella are bound to make you guffaw, cringe, pick sides, and laugh some more as you watch them slip, trip, and fall, all while wearing 3 inch heels. 



A Screwball Comedy Web Series

Written and Produced by Nathan Thompson and Ariel Lauryn

Presented by Fake Geek Girl Productions


In a classic case of mistaken identity,  Donna accidentally finds herself inducted into the ranks of the infamous secret society: the Illuminati. She quickly realizes the Illuminati members are complete nincompoops; having risen to the level of their incompetency--but they are in charge of everything. Can she, should she, take over? 


 Episode 4: MasterMindSet

Feathers   Of  Fire :    A   Persian    Epic

-A cinematic shadow play for all ages- 

Produced by Kingorama

I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Feathers of Fire on their new tour, starting in LA for the month of October.  To follow the tour and get tickets check out their website.