Mercutio in 'Romeo and Juliet'
Stella in 'Stella and Blanche'--photo by Anthony Arnista
Franklin in 'La Vie en Nose'--photo by Anthony Arnista
Fisherman in 'Skeleton Woman'
Ed in 'Ghost Walk'--photo by Janessa Johnsrude
Moon in 'A Harvest of Stones'
Stella in 'Whether We Like It or Not'--photo by Christopher Duggan
Deaux Deaux in 'Snow White's Walk'
Gorgonzola in 'Babes in Toyland'--photo by Anthony Arnista
Edward in 'Cloud 9'

-Ronlin  Foreman,    Former   Director  of  

Dell'Arte    International School of Physical Theatre

-re: Whether   We   Like   It   or Not

"I   would   always   abandon   myself   to   Laughter.    By   the   end,    I   was   laughing   shamelessly." 

Headshots        by  Ellis Vizcarra


 Action    Shots

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